Help to Buy: ISA scheme20180822040000

Help to Buy: ISA scheme

August 22, 2018
The Help to Buy: ISA scheme launched in December 2015 and allows savers to claim a government bonus of 25% on monthly savings of up to £200 towards their first home. The bonus translates to: an extra £50 added to every £200 saved up to a maximum...
HMRC Alternative Dispute Resolution20180822040000

HMRC Alternative Dispute Resolution

August 22, 2018
The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process uses independent HMRC facilitators to help resolve disputes between HMRC and taxpayers. The person leading the ADR will act as a neutral, third party mediator will not have been involved in the initial...
What are the different ways to dismiss staff?20180822040000

What are the different ways to dismiss staff?

August 22, 2018
Many employers rightly have concerns about the process of dismissing an employee. Whilst there are many laws to be aware of, there are some important basic rules to observe. It is also important that employers consider the reasons that can be used to...
How to close down a company by striking off20180822040000

How to close down a company by striking off

August 22, 2018
There are a limited range of circumstances when a company can request to be removed from the register (known as being struck off). For example, a voluntary strike off can be requested by a dormant or non-trading company. A limited company can be...
Are you eligible for CGT Entrepreneurs’ Relief?20180822040000

Are you eligible for CGT Entrepreneurs’ Relief?

August 22, 2018
Entrepreneurs' relief applies to the sale of a business, shares in a trading company or an individual’s interest in a trading partnership. Where this relief is available, CGT of 10% is payable in place of the standard rate. There are a number of...
How to earn more at the basic rate of tax20180822040000

How to earn more at the basic rate of tax

August 22, 2018
Donations made to charity over the course of a tax year can add up and taxpayers should ensure that they keep a proper record of all donations and note them on their tax return. The Gift Aid scheme is available to all UK taxpayers. The recipient...
Boosting recycling with tax system20180822040000

Boosting recycling with tax system

August 22, 2018
Over 162,000 responses were received to a call for evidence launched by HM Treasury on how changes to the tax system could help curb plastic waste. This was the largest ever response to a call for evidence in the Treasury’s history, and included...
Corporation Tax computations20180814040000

Corporation Tax computations

August 14, 2018
The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) provides independent advice to the government on simplifying the UK tax system, with the object of reducing compliance burdens on both businesses and individual taxpayers. The OTS operates on a permanent,...
HMRC interest rates20180814040000

HMRC interest rates

August 14, 2018
Following the recent increase in the Bank of England base rate to 0.75%, HMRC has announced changes to the rates of interest they charge. The new rates of interest charged on underpaid quarterly instalment payments of 1.75% (was 1.50%), took...
The Cycle to Work scheme and National Minimum Wage20180814040000

The Cycle to Work scheme and National Minimum Wage

August 14, 2018
There are special rules involving bicycles usually referred to as 'Cycle to Work' arrangements. The Cycle to Work scheme was introduced in 1999 to help promote the use of healthy ways to commute to work. The scheme allows employers to provide...
Intellectual property scam20180814040000

Intellectual property scam

August 14, 2018
The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is warning taxpayers of a new intellectual property (IP) scam, where taxpayers receive unsolicited invitations from companies offering services to help them protect their IP in return for a fee. These usually...
New counter-fraud squad20180814040000

New counter-fraud squad

August 14, 2018
A new Government Counter Fraud Profession (GCFP) is to be launched on 9th October to help fight fraud in the public sector. The size of the challenge is immense with fraud in the public sector estimated to be between £31 billion and £49 billion....
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