Welcome to Tetbury Accounting

We are returning to the traditional accountants values of Good Client Service. Too many firms focus on cost and bottom line profit and will seek to charge for every minute spent on all work that is undertaken. This can naturally lead to a barrier forming as Clients become reluctant to discuss their businesses with their Accountants.

We try to avoid such barriers with our Clients as they impede the service we provide. We agree fixed fees which are structured to include all of the work that our clients need – both personal and business.

Within this fee we do not seek to charge extra for ad hoc advice, assistance or meetings. We feel that by investing extra time in our clients when it is needed we can achieve the best possible working practices and relationships. This way we hope that both our Clients and we as a Firm will benefit in future years from the efficient and friendly relationship.

Any initial conversations and meetings are totally free with no obligation giving us time to get to know each other and ensure best fit.

SupportWe build good long-term relationships where clients feel comfortable seeking assistance and advice.

Qualified Accountants

As an ACCA firm we are able to undertake all types of work and provide trustworthy advice on the basis of your financial records. This includes financial reporting, personal and company taxation, due dilligence, forensic accounting, corporate finance and business recovery.

Software Support

We have lots of experience with all of the major software packages and are very good at assisting clients where record keeping has become a problem.

Latest news and events

We believe its important to keep up to date in the would of accountancy. We carefully put our new feeds with just the important information you might need.