X-factor VAT bonus20181205040000

X-factor VAT bonus

December 5, 2018
The Chancellor, Philip Hammond has announced that the government will waive the VAT equivalent on the sales of this year’s X-Factor Christmas Charit...
Claim £2,500 broadband voucher20181122040000

Claim £2,500 broadband voucher

November 22, 2018
The Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme was launched in March this year to help small businesses and local communities connect and gain access to full fi...
HMRC promotes tax saving opportunities20181122040000

HMRC promotes tax saving opportunities

November 22, 2018
To mark the occasion of Talk Money Week, HMRC has published a news release trumpeting five tax saving opportunities. Whilst these tax saving opportuni...
Finance (No.3) Bill published20181115040000

Finance (No.3) Bill published

November 15, 2018
As expected, the government published Finance (No.3) Bill on Wednesday, 7 November 2018. The Bill is so named as it is the third Finance Bill in the c...
Government grants towards home electric charging points20181025040000

Government grants towards home electric charging points

October 25, 2018
Over the last number of years, the government has announced a raft of measures to encourage the use of cleaner vehicles and drive the growth of the el...
Help to Save scheme20181025040000

Help to Save scheme

October 25, 2018
The Help to Save scheme for people on low incomes was officially launched in September 2018 following an 8-month trial. The scheme allows those in wor...
Boosting recycling with tax system20180822040000

Boosting recycling with tax system

August 22, 2018
Over 162,000 responses were received to a call for evidence launched by HM Treasury on how changes to the tax system could help curb plastic waste. Th...
HMRC Alternative Dispute Resolution20180822040000

HMRC Alternative Dispute Resolution

August 22, 2018
The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process uses independent HMRC facilitators to help resolve disputes between HMRC and taxpayers. The person le...
Limited liability for sole traders?20180814040000

Limited liability for sole traders?

August 14, 2018
The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has updated its papers on the possibility of launching a Sole Enterprise Protected Assets (SEPA) business model...
New counter-fraud squad20180814040000

New counter-fraud squad

August 14, 2018
A new Government Counter Fraud Profession (GCFP) is to be launched on 9th October to help fight fraud in the public sector. The size of the challenge ...