Free television licences scrapped for over-75s20190611230000

Free television licences scrapped for over-75s

June 11, 2019
The TV licence fee has not been payable by those aged 75 or over since 2001. During 2015, the government reached an agreement with the BBC as part of ...
Genuine HMRC messages20190611230000

Genuine HMRC messages

June 11, 2019
HMRC has issued an updated version of their online guidance on Genuine HMRC contact and recognising phishing emails and texts. The guidance provides a...
HMRC blocks phone fraudsters20190611230000

HMRC blocks phone fraudsters

June 11, 2019
Fraudsters have been blocked from using HMRC’s most used helpline numbers after the introduction of new defensive controls. These fraudsters had...
New crackdown on funeral plans20190604230000

New crackdown on funeral plans

June 4, 2019
The government has announced new plans to crackdown on high pressure and bullying tactics to sell pre paid funeral plans. These tactics are often used...
Claim for money owed to you20190520230000

Claim for money owed to you

May 20, 2019
If you are owed money by an individual or business, there is a procedure you can use called making a court claim. This was more commonly referred to a...
Reasonable excuses for late payment or filing20190520230000

Reasonable excuses for late payment or filing

May 20, 2019
There are a number of options open to taxpayers who disagree with a tax decision issued by HMRC. As a first step, it may be possible to make an appeal...
HMRC phishing emails warning20190514230000

HMRC phishing emails warning

May 14, 2019
HMRC continues to warn of the ever-present problem of fraudulent phishing emails. The emails typically look to obtain taxpayers personal and or financ...
Using the Help to Save scheme20190514230000

Using the Help to Save scheme

May 14, 2019
The Help to Save scheme for people on low incomes was launched in September 2018. The scheme allows those in work entitled to Working Tax Credit and i...
Search launched for new Bank of England governor20190430230000

Search launched for new Bank of England governor

April 30, 2019
The current Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, will step down from his role on 31 January 2020. Mr Carney had been due to step down earlier...
More about Debt Relief Orders20190423230000

More about Debt Relief Orders

April 23, 2019
Last week we posted that it is over 10 years since Debt Relief Orders (DROs) were first introduced in April 2009. This week we have fleshed out the de...