Inheritance Tax if you live abroad20181128040000

Inheritance Tax if you live abroad

November 28, 2018
The Inheritance Tax rules can be difficult to fathom when an expat or another person with connections to the UK living outside the country dies. The l...
ISAs and Inheritance Tax20181115040000

ISAs and Inheritance Tax

November 15, 2018
New rules were introduced by the Government in 2015 that allow for the spouse or civil partner of a deceased ISA saver to benefit from additional ISA ...
Holiday let property and Business Property Relief20181115040000

Holiday let property and Business Property Relief

November 15, 2018
Business Property Relief (BPR) is an attractive tax relief for taxpayers with business interests, offering either 50% or 100% relief from Inheritance ...
Gifting share in home20180807040000

Gifting share in home

August 7, 2018
Most gifts made during a person's life are not subject to tax at the time of the gift. These lifetime transfers are known as 'potentially exempt trans...